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At Gorge Fresh Organics, we give you the opportunity to join our Limited Liability Partnership at no cost to you. The partnership owns the cows at Gorge Fresh Organics so you receive your own milk from your herd of cows, giving you a unique opportunity to get your hands on unpasteurised high quality milk. Gorge Fresh Organics does not sell raw milk, but you pay Gorge Fresh Organics per bottle of milk to feed, milk and manage your cows as well as bottle and arrange for your milk to be dropped to your nearest delivery point.

Once a partner you can place your order.

Please fill in the details below and submit to us to get your milk. We will be in touch via email.

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Where would you like to pick up your milk? At the Farm - $4.50/2-litre bottle Any Delivery Point - $5.00/2-litre bottle
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